This is my real life…and they don’t even know it.

I hope this post will resonate with you if you are in the same position as me, where there is an integral part of your life … that no one even knows about.

I am currently writing my fantasy series with my ecological knowledge intrinsically entwined, but nobody knows this side to me.

In the life people see, I am a master’s student in Ecology and Conservation, currently working on beaver reintroduction to England. Very few people know I that write, with none of them truly understanding the scope of my ambitions and imagination. There is a separation between the life that people see and my real life.

In my life, I am viewed as somebody who does science, who is outdoorsy, who loves animals, nature, music, and musicals … but there is always more edges to people than that.

In my real life, I can spend hours of every day in my world, creating, living and editing. Whether that’s lying in bed at night, travelling to work, or whenever I can put time aside. It has gotten to the point where I decide to turn the light off early, where I leave my flatmates in the kitchen, where I stop pressing ‘next episode’ on Netflix, just so I can focus on my own world, as it’s what I love to do.

In my real life, I used to sneak away on a bus to creative writing classes every week at university in third year… and my housemates had no idea.

I spent my childhood entering and altering fantasy worlds in my head, twisting myself into the stories I read, fighting battles and being the hero … but no one knows it.

There is always more to people than what we can see or what we are told, and it is important to recognise this both in real life and when writing characters.

I think it’s important to make time for the real you. Whether you love writing, drawing, or maybe drag. Creating situations where you don’t have to censor your real life to fit a version of yourself people know, is a truly freeing experience.

This is why in my real life I have set up this platform, to share one of the favourite parts of myself which I usually keep hidden. I will share extracts and information on my fantasy world, along with my experiences and challenges in creating it, so you can experience it too, and perhaps, if you don’t have one already, you can find your own outlet for these wonderful parts of yourself that they don’t even know about.

I always welcome feedback!